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The CEO's Presentation

Image de Carl Séguin, Président de Déménagement De Luxe
Carl Séguin

Personal Supervision For Quality Service

Meet Carl, the cornerstone and president of Déménagement De Luxe. Starting from scratch, Carl shaped his career by learning the ropes within renowned moving companies in Quebec. His rich and diverse journey allowed him to gain unparalleled expertise in the art of moving.

Driven by a desire for excellence, he created Déménagement De Luxe to realize his vision: to provide exceptional service to all clients, without exception. To achieve this, he surrounded himself with seasoned collaborators who share his passion and commitment to quality.

At Déménagement De Luxe, every detail matters, and Carl takes an active part in every move, ensuring that the company's high standards are met. His dedication and human approach are the foundations of this company's success.

Moving Goods With Care, Building Relationships With Heart.

Our Story

Since 2020

A luxurious moving experience at every moment.

At Déménagement De Luxe, our story is that of a united and professional team, dedicated to bringing a touch of luxury to the transport experience. Founded in 2020, our company is the culmination of Carl's dreams and vision, a moving expert who aspired to create an unparalleled company where quality is king.

The Birth of Déménagement De Luxe:

After gaining rich experience working within large moving companies in Quebec, Carl decided it was time to bring his dream to fruition. With a clear vision in mind - to offer incomparable service tailored to the needs of clients - he founded Déménagement De Luxe in 2020. The name wasn’t chosen by chance; it embodies the essence of what Carl and his team wanted to bring to every move: luxury service accessible to all.

The Team - A Close-knit Family:

What makes Déménagement De Luxe truly special is its team. Each member has over 10 years of moving experience, and together, they form a family. They all know each other and share the same values of dedication, excellence, and attention to detail. This closeness among team members results in flawless coordination during moves.

Our Approach:

Having 20 years of moving expertise allows us to anticipate and address challenges that might arise before they do. Our team approaches each move with rigorous strategy and meticulous attention to the client's needs. We move quickly, efficiently, and ensure that your requirements are fully met.

Commitment To Excellence:

Our commitment goes beyond just moving your belongings; it's about providing you with a peaceful and enjoyable experience. At Déménagement De Luxe, we pride ourselves on leaving each client with wonderful memories of their move, where luxury and attention to detail are at the heart of every action we undertake.

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